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Find YouTube influencers for influencer marketing campaigns in 3 steps

Finding YouTube creators for influencer marketing campaign can be time-consuming and difficult, especially if you do it manually. Scanning through countless spammy channels, TV channels, music channels, inactive channels and brand channels can leave you wondering where all the YouTube content creators went! 

With this guide, you will learn how to find relevant and engaging YouTube influencers in a matter of minutes by using Makrwatch’s YouTube influencer search engine.

Step 1: Filter through thousands of YouTube channels rapidly

Search YouTube creators and filter them by views per video and engagement

YouTube channels can be filtered by predicted views per video, engagement, topic, country and language among other filters

We have created filters that will help you reduce the time spent evaluating YouTube channels for your campaign. Some of them include:

    • Views per video:
      This filter takes into consideration the fact that some videos go viral and others underperform, so by using this filter, you can quickly find YouTube creators with more or less an accurate reach/views per video prediction for your campaign. 
    • Engagement:
      With the engagement filter, you can find YouTube channels that have a good level of engagement. ie: the number of comments, likes or dislikes per video in comparison to the view count. This is extremely important as the engagement rate is a key indicator that an influencer has an engaged audience and creates content that motivates the viewers to participate or act.
    • Country and language:
      These two filters will save you time in simple tasks such as finding influencers from specific countries or creators that speak a certain language. This task is often overlooked but it can be very time-consuming to find influencers from different countries using YouTube, especially if they have not indicated their country on their profile. So we went ahead and identified the country and language of thousands of YouTube channels for you.
    • Topic relevance:
      Using the search bar, you can find influencers whose content addresses certain topics that are relevant to your brand/campaign. Try using multiple keywords associated with your market or niche and check out the different profiles that appear for each query. 

A smart filter we have already applied by default guarantees that you’ll only see genuine content creators and influencers from YouTube. This means we filter out spam channels, inactive channels and as many brand and TV networks as possible. This leaves you with very relevant and powerful search results that are guaranteed to be active, engaging YouTube content creators.

Step 2: See real-time analytics for YouTube channels

On each profile in Makrwatch you can see the real-time metrics for an influencer. There are several important metrics and sections on the profile that will help you see if the influencer is a good fit for your campaign. Things to note in the profiles are:

  • Views consistency:

    See the reach in real time of the latest videos for a YouTube channel

    Analysis of a YouTube channels views per video and sponsorship density over the most recent videos.

    We analyze the last 20 videos for each YouTube creator, to provide a sense of how consistent their reach is. Moreover, we also give you an absolute number on their views per video, which eliminates outliers, to provide a more accurate number.

  • Check out their sponsorship density: In each profile, you can how many of the last videos have been sponsored. Seeing which videos in a YouTube channel are sponsored or not will also give you some clues as to whether a creator might be a good fit for your campaign. When a creator has been sponsored by many brands, it may validate their influence, but it can also be a signal that they are doing too many sponsorship so you should be aware that their audience may be growing weary of sponsored videos.  Seeing the sponsored videos of a YouTuber will also let you glimpse how professional they are during these videos, and how authentic they are with their audience when including sponsorships in their videos.
  • Navigate related channels:
  • Find related influencers on YouTube through Makrwatch profiles

    When you find an influencer, check out other related channels that are similar.

    When you visit a channel, we’ll show you related channels and the channels that the creator has chosen to showcase on their YouTube account. This is a great way to find YouTube creators similar to the influencers that you have already identified to be relevant.

  • Check out their publication frequency and consistency:
    Publication calendar allows you to see how frequently a YouTube channel posts

    Publication calendar allows you to see how frequently a YouTube channel posts

    With the publication calendar you can see exactly when a channel posted their latest videos and identify patterns in the YouTubers posting schedule. This will also allow you to identify how active and consistent they are on YouTube. Perhaps they just post on weekends, and you want them to post for you during the week? You’ll have to keep that in mind when reaching out to them. 

Step 3: Create a list with the preferred YouTuber creators for your influencer marketing campaign

List of influencers relevant for a YouTube influencer marketing campaign

Create a list of the YouTube channels relevant for your influencer marketing campaign

If you like a YouTube creator and think they can be a good fit for your campaign, you can create a list and add them to it. This will help you to start organizing the lineup for your campaign and will also give you a summary of the metrics for each influencer in the campaign and the total metrics for the combined influencers. With lists, you can get an approximate total cost for how much your budget needs to be to sponsor the selected group of influencers, you can see the estimated total reach in views and the average expected engagement rate of the campaign.

Creating a list of influencers will also allow you to get their contact information extremely quickly, downloadable as an excel file, so you save time gathering all the email addresses. 

What’s next?

After you find the ideal list of influencers for your campaign, you’ll need to start the outreach process. We’ll cover this in detail in a future post but for now, get started by finding relevant influencers with our YouTube search engine.

You can try it immediately for free and start looking for relevant YouTube creators for your brand. After you’ve found the perfect candidates for your campaign, you can start contacting them.



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