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16 Rapidly Growing Lifestyle Micro-Influencers on YouTube You Should Know About

micro influencer on youtube in fashion and beauty

These 16 YouTube influencers are making waves in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle category on YouTube and it’s easy to see why. With impressively high levels of engagement on their channels and rapidly growing subscriber numbers, these 16 up and coming YouTubers stars have already gained loyal followings on both YouTube and their other social media channels. From traditional beauty and makeup content, to male lifestyle videos and plus-size beauties, it’s easy to see how these niche micro-influencers can be far more effective at reaching very targeted audiences, than influencers with a much broader appeal.

We’ve included a broad spectrum of YouTube micro-influencers from the beauty, fashion and lifestyle industry, with a wide range of ages, backgrounds and styles, to show you the variety of micro-influencers available out there for brands to partner with.

Get to know these up-and-coming YouTubers below:

annalia carole micro influencer youtube fashion


Annalia started her channel when she was just 12 years old. Now 14, it’s incredible to watch how confident and bubbly she is in front of the camera. Focusing on beauty and fashion for young teenage girls, she’s amassed a huge following of almost 80,000 subscribers (probably more by the time you are reading this!).

Her channel includes all the season’s hottest fashion trends, hair tips, back to school tips and advice, do-it-yourself style ideas and, of course, makeup tutorials. 

Annalia’s video views are constantly rising and her engagement rate currently ranges between 5 – 6%, which is extremely high compared to others in the industry. As you watch her videos, you can’t help but see why her fans relate to her so much; she’s honest, open and real with all her viewers.

Check out Annalia’s channel on Makrwatch to see her latest Youtube channel metrics. 

arnell armon micro influencer youtube fashion

Arnell Armon

Arnell’s channel, Arnell Armon, is not even 1 year old, yet she’s already gained over 95,000 subscribers and has created over 60 videos; wow! This beautiful young woman is having tremendous success on YouTube, and her easy-going personality and fun attitude make watching her videos a blast.

Featuring videos that focus on hair, beauty and fashion, her videos are simple and stylish and the techniques she uses are very easy to follow. 

Her engagement rate is one of the highest on this list, hovering around the 8% mark most of the time. She also posts frequently so she is well on her way to going from micro-influencer to mega-influencer. 

See Arnell Armon’s latest YouTube metrics on Makrwatch here

daquana white micro influencer youtube fashion

Daquana White

Daquana White has become an icon and role model for many plus-size women in the United States and beyond. Her videos features fashion tips and style, ranging from today’s hottest trends, to fashion and beauty that won’t break the bank. She reviews all the products she tries, providing detailed descriptions and unbiased opinions on each one. Along with fashion, Daquana also provides hair tips, showing viewers where to buy wigs, weaves and extensions, and how to maintain them in the perfect condition.

In today’s world where there is so much emphasis on being model thin, Daquana breaks the mold with her gorgeous curves, making fashion accessible to everyone, regardless of body type. 

Daquana’s channel is almost at the 70,000 subscriber mark, she posts up to three videos a week, and her channels’ engagement rate has been growing steadily to around 6%. Definitely an awesome micro-influencer to partner with!

Check her out on Makrwatch to see her full YouTube channel analysis

diana saldana tv micro influencer youtube fashion

Diana Saldana TV

When looking to partner with micro-influencers, a good strategy can be to focus on the smaller, newer channels from big influencers, such as Diana Saldana’s vlog channel. Diana already has two other hugely popular channels, one in English and one in Spanish, which focus on beauty and makeup, but she also has a vlog channel where she shares the personal, ‘behind-the-scenes’ side of her life. 

As one of the more popular YouTubers on this list, it’s incredible to see how Diana can manage three channels successfully. She is certainly a pro at YouTube at this stage and thats reflected in the results she gets – in fact her vlog channel is not that far behind her Spanish language beauty channel – at 40K and 45K subscribers respectively. Her main channel is gigantic, with over 600,000 subscribers and growing. 

Be sure to keep up to date with Diana’s metrics by checking out her YouTube vlog channel on Makrwatch here.

elle and babe micro influencer youtube fashion

Elle and Babes

Meet Elle, a real, down-to-earth young woman and an amazing young mother who isn’t afraid to say how she feels and show the less-glamorous side of life on her YouTube channel. Elle is mom to Lacey, her beautiful daughter, and she started her channel ElleandBabes to share her personal life with the wider world. She was married at 17 and also gave birth to her daughter Lay at 17, all while still in high school. Her admirable honesty and realness have gained her a loving following of people who admire what she has achieved. 

On her channel, you will find all kinds of videos that have a little bit of everything, from DIY tips to vlog-style videos. For the mom viewers, she also has clothing videos for toddlers. 

At almost 40,000 subscribers and an engagement rate of 4-5%, Elle is the perfect niche YouTube to partner with to reach young moms in the United States.

Check out more of her YouTube statistics on Makrwatch here.

eris the planet micro influencer youtube fashion

Eris the Planet

Dresses, shoes, makeup, hair; Eris the Planet does it all! This young YouTuber is only fifteen years old, yet has already gained a following of over 40,000 subscribers on YouTube. That’s right, fifteen years old!

Eris’s videos are fun and lively, and focus mostly on trendy young fashion with an edgy twist. At just over 1 year old, her channel shows significant traction, with high engagement rates of 6.5% on average. Her growing audience of 13-18 year olds are increasingly interesting and important for brands, so be sure to check out Eris if you’re looking to target this age demographic in the United States. 

See more from Eris the Planet YouTube channel on Makrwatch here.

glitter and lazers micro influencer youtube fashion

Glitter and Lazers

Glitter and Lazers is a channel dedicated to plus-size fashion, body-positivity and all things fabulous! Anna oozes confidence and sass, and she’s not afraid to show it all over her channel and social media. Her videos help full-figured women find the right styles for their body, always accompanied by a touch of humor. Her bright and big personality makes her easy to watch and she comes across as very relatable.

Anna’s channel is about to hit 25,000 subscribers and it’s no surprise, as her positive energy is really infectious. Her engagement rate is at almost 6% and she gets an average of 10,000 views per video, a huge ‘views-to-subscriber’ ratio.

Glitter and Lazers is truly inspirational and hilarious, so don’t forget to check out her latest metrics on Makrwatch here

mesi jesi beauty micro influencer youtube fashion

Mesi Jesi Beauty

Jesi, or mesijesibeauty as she is known on YouTube, is a brilliant twenty-five-year-old beauty and a true artist when it comes to makeup techniques. She’s also a professed coffee fiend and loves all things related to beauty. From skincare and makeup tutorials, to the latest fashion and beauty hauls and ‘favorites’, you can find it all on Jesi’s channel. 

Jesi’s channel has recently passed the 100,000 subscriber mark, making her just on the verge of going from being a micro-influencer to a larger-scale influencer. You can expect to see a lot more brand partnerships and collaborations with Jesi in the future, as her engagement rate remains very high at almost 6%. So if you’re looking to work with a rapidly growing beauty YouTuber, make sure to check out Jesi sooner rather than later. 

See more of her real-time YouTube channel metrics here.

lauren mae micro influencer youtube fashion


Have you ever wanted to learn how to do those amazing Halloween-themed makeup looks? How about just knowing how to contour and highlight? Lauren is a fifteen-year-old YouTuber that shows a broad range of makeup skills and techniques on her channel. She has big dreams of becoming a makeup artist, and she is well on her way to achieving exactly that.

Her specialty is Halloween tutorials, but she is also very talented with more traditional makeup techniques. This young woman is steadily climbing up the ranks of YouTube, and her following is increasing on a daily basis. Her subscribers currently stand at over 50,000 and her engagement rate is currently through the roof at 8.40%! 

Check out Lauren’s latest YouTube channel metrics on Makrwatch here

locust wild honey micro influencer youtube fashion

Locusts & Wild Honey

When you hear the word ‘fashion’ and ‘YouTube’, you often just think of women’s fashion. In most cases, the women of YouTube have the market cornered when it comes to tutorials and fashion. However, that’s not the case with Locusts and Wild Honey.

Locusts and Wild Honey is a Christian-based fashion channel that was created for men. The content features the latest trends in mens clothing and sneakers, including lots of helpful product reviews, unboxing and try-ons for viewers, as well as some more in-depth discussion videos. 

The entire channel is aimed toward being uplifting and entertaining, and with almost 15,000 subscribers and 12,000 average views per video, they have one of the highest views-to-subscriber ratios on this list, making them an excellent micro-influencer to work with in the male fashion space.

Check out more of their metrics for their YouTube channel here.

marnie goldberg micro influencer youtube fashion

Marnie Goldberg

Marnie’s channel caters to a slightly older audience than what we’ve been showcasing so far. She is a stay-at-home mom and vlogger, and admits to only discovering her love of makeup ‘late in life’. She has a passion for beauty, hair, cosmetics, skin care, books, cooking, home decor, travel and more, all shared on her YouTube channel Marnie Goldberg. 

Marnie’s videos are real and honest, and her engagement rate is one of the highest on this list, at a very impressive 8.83%…not a number to overlook easily. Marnie is the perfect example of a YouTuber who slowly and steadily climbed the ranks of YouTube during the last 6 years to be where she is today, with over 75,000 subscribers. Posting 3-4 times per week, she is a powerhouse creator that is definitely one to *keep* watching.

If you’d like to see Marnie’s ratings and channel analysis, you can see her channel on Makrwatch here.

naturally sunny micro influencer youtube fashion

Naturally Sunny

Meet Sunny, a beautiful young woman with a real talent for makeup and hair techniques. With over 75 videos posted on her channel, she is a true expert when it comes to all things beauty and makeup.

Her easy going personality makes it super easy to relate to her, and her hair videos are just as flawless as her makeup ones. She often speaks on a more personal level to her viewers and shares her life experiences to help others who might be having the same issues, making her all the more relatable. At over 57,000 subscribers and rising, she is definitely one to watch, as her engagement rate remains very consistent at almost 6% and her average video views are very high at 16,000. 

On Makrwatch, you can see all of Naturally Sunny YouTube metrics in real-time

omaya zein micro influencer youtube fashion

Omaya Zein

Omaya Zein is a beautiful young Muslim woman that helps women of every ethnic background to create fun and vibrant looks. She uses easy to follow makeup tips and step-by-step instructions to help women to feel beautiful and special.

She also creates amazing hijab and turban tutorials, using different fabrics to show a variety of ways to style them. Her looks are simple and easy to follow, and the results are always beautiful and elegant. Omaya also features her husband Mouhammad on her channel for fun ‘tag’ and ‘challenge’ videos. 

At over 66,000 subscribers and 14,000 average video views, Omaya is an up-and-coming YouTube star that we’re sure will continue to grow her channel at a rapid pace.

To see more about her YouTube statistics, check out her channel on Makrwatch here

sammi quinn micro influencer youtube fashion

Sammi Quinn

Sammi is a 19 year old YouTuber that covers a wide range of topics on her channel, but focuses mostly on fashion and beauty. As a NYC student of fashion, she explores this world through her YouTube channel, allowing her to expand on her studies, as well as bring a little light, laughter, and color to those around her.

Sammi created her channel almost 2 years ago and has since shared a variety of content, from fashion lookbooks and hauls to personal advice videos and vlogs. She now has over 63,000 subscribers and her videos get an average of 17,000 views. With a high engagement rate of over 6% she is definitely one to consider partnering with to promote your fashion brand.

To see more about her channel and how well it’s doing, check out her YouTube channel metrics on Makrwatch here.

stephen oscar micro influencer youtube fashion

Stephen Oscar

While most fashion vlogs on YouTube are geared toward women and young girls, Stephen is changing things up with his personal fashion and beauty channel.  He is a 17 year old guy living it up in the fabulously glamorous world of L.A. 

Stephen shares outfit videos, hauls, story videos and vlogs showing his everyday life. He is crazy talented with a makeup brush, giving tutorials on how to highlight the best features on your face as well as what products to use.

Stephen usually posts one video a week, has almost 60,000 subscribers and has an engagement rate of almost 8%…not bad for a 17 year old.

To see more from his YouTube channel, check out his statistics on Makrwatch here.

The Gabe Fix micro influencer youtube fashion

The Gabe Fix

Gabe is as real as you can get on YouTube. Her authentic and honest videos have earned a lot of love from fans, with almost 70,000 subscribers to date. 

Gabe’s channel features a wide range of topics, from her intense love of fashion and makeup, to reviewing natural hair products and weaves. She goes into great detail in her reviews, talking about prices, what products you should and shouldn’t combine, and so much more. 

Gabe is consistent with her posting, sharing new videos once per week for her eager viewers. Her engagement rate is extremely high, at 8.45%, a testament to how she has been able to create a loyal and engaged community around her channel.

Check her The Gabe Fix on Makrwatch to see her latest channel metrics


This group of diverse YouTubers shows us one thing very clearly – you don’t need millions of followers to create a strong and lasting impact. The audiences of these channels are highly engaged, loyal and interested in what these YouTubers have to say and what they recommend.

For marketers, one of the most important factors should be reaching the correct target audience, no matter how niche it is. A targeted, narrow focus can far outperform a broader, more expansive reach, when it comes to influencer marketing, and these niche YouTubers can provide the perfect way of reaching niche demographics for a highly targeted YouTube influencer marketing campaign.

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